About our Juicery

Meet our state-of-the-art 12,000m2 juicery with highly specialized extraction equipment. Pressing more than 80 different fresh ingredients daily and using HPP to keep the juice fresh, we are able to meet the high demands of our clients throughout Europe.

Quality control

How we see

In recent years, Hoogesteger has built good relationships with suppliers who first need to be Global Gap and GFSI-certified.  All our suppliers are audited to check if they meet our requirements on quality, safety and the environment.

We try to reduce CO2 emissions with energy saving equipment. HPP and FMP techniques have less spoil. So we produce fuller pallets, which in turn makes optimal logistics possible.


During the whole production process we conduct various quality checks. This starts with the control of the quality of the raw materials on entry and ends a few weeks after the bottle has been delivered to the client.

We adhere to the regulations set by the government for suppliers and manufacturers, so we can guarantee our retailers that our products have been made according to specific standards.

Quality control