Hoogesteger is Europe's leading supplier of fresh, cold pressed juices

At Hoogesteger, we believe truly fresh is always best – and best for you! We deliver the most premium juice available on the market. Our high levels of service span the entire process, from development to delivery. While our HPP technology keeps the juice fresh, so we can deliver whole Europe.

Hoogesteger. Trusted Cold Pressed juice experts since 1988.

vegetables and fruit


Highly specialized extraction machines. From the world famous Belt Press to the Good Nature Press and Angel Juicer.

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Cold Pressed

Our juices are Cold Pressed (and never heated), using state-of-the-art techniques such as HPP and FMP to keep the juice fresh.

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Our people set us apart. We are proud of their passion, wide experience, skills and diversity.

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Our pursuit of the best ingredients takes us from local sourcing to searching the planet.

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