Cold Pressed

We believe in squeezing our fruits and vegetables the Cold Pressed way. This helps protect the flavor and nutrients of the raw ingredients we use in our juicery.

Cold pressed juice is juice slowly extracted from fruits and vegetables at a cold temperature (4 degrees). By slow grinding and pressing the fruits and vegetables, minimal friction is caused. The juice gets extracted in its purest form, the flavor is retained and you can clearly still recognize the fruits and vegetables in your juice. The end result is the most nutritious and delicious juice, tasting as close to fresh picked as possible.

To keep the juice fresh, we use HPP or FMP. These processes are leading technologies that extend shelf life and eliminate harmful micro-organisms, while retaining vitamins and minerals and preserving a fresher taste. Our juices are not pasteurized, never heated and free from additives or preservatives.



HPP (High pressure processing) is a mild preservation method based on a high pressure treatment at low temperature. Once the Cold Pressed Juice has been bottled, the bottles are placed in a pressure vessel which, with use of water, is kept for several minutes under high pressure (5000 – 6000 bar). Spoil-causing microorganisms are inactivated by the pressure, while smaller molecules stay intact, so taste, texture and vitamins are retained.

HPP is a safe and reliable method involving no additives, and therefore a clean label technology.


FMP (Fresh Micro Pulse), or pulsed electric field processing, involves treating the juice with high voltage pulses.

The FMP process delivers a series of electric pulses in a treatment chamber filled with fresh juice. This technique lengthens the storage life with no noticeable loss of quality. The juice isn’t heated, so the aroma, color, texture and nutritional value stay intact.

FMP is a safe and reliable method involving no additives, and therefore a clean label technology.